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Producer, Collaborator and Recording Artist John Allen Stephens Releases Newest Single "Addiction"

“Addiction,” a colorful, soulful, post-pop cut, blends jazz, pop, R&B, and gospel influences over an immediately commanding, tightly gripped groove. Stephens’ razor sharp production fuses seamlessly with glistening piano (Zeke Listenbee), heavenly choirs (Ejay Mallard, Paul Z'Maji, Asheley Bowles, Milayah Scott), and trumpet and saxophone solos (Adam DeWalt and Leo Rayon, respectively) which round out the song’s final flight, offering the song an improvisatory approach Stephens says he fell in love with after working with local favorite The Suffers.”

- John Amar, Houston Press

addiction premiered by closed captioned

“The track has an immediacy that you don’t seem to get in most modern pop. But in the end, it’s the sensibilities of Stephens alongside top notch production that makes the track shimmer and stay with you after you hear it.” - Closed Captioned

say a little prayer for me (free download)

Say A Little Prayer For Me (Cover Art).png

oxytocin (broke) available for free download

radioclub.lp available now

"It's a lush, elegant listen, built on an electronic wall of sound, emotive vocals and lyrics." - Houston Chronicle

speck available now

"If you're making dance pop, you can't do it much better than Houston's John Allen Stephens." - Houston Press

crystal tokyo available now

"Some people have an ear for great hooks, a pop sensibility that's unparalleled, and a voice that could melt butter. While it's true that some people have one of those traits, Houston's John Allen Stephens has all three. On his latest single "Crystal Tokyo (feat. Tee Vee)," he takes all of those elements and drops a true electro-pop gem." - Houston Press

asterisk pts. I and II available now

"If you're looking for a summer soundtrack, this is a great way to kick it off. It's a sinewy, elegant pop song with yearning vocals that previews an equally alluring solo album, "radioclub.lp," due later this year." - Houston Chronicle



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