"It's a lush, elegant listen, built on an electronic wall of sound, emotive vocals and lyrics" - Houston Chronicle


"If you're making dance pop, you can't do it much better than Houston's John Allen Stephens. Stephens, on the verge of dropping his debut album radioclub.lp, seems to have a lock on what we all want to hear in our pop jams as evidenced by his latest single, Speck" - Houston Press


"Some people have an ear for great hooks, a pop sensibility that's unparalleled, and a voice that could melt butter. While it's true that some people have one of those traits, Houston's John Allen Stephens has all three." - Houston Press


"If you're looking for a summer soundtrack, this is a great way to kick it off. It's a sinewy, elegant pop song with yearning vocals that previews an equally alluring solo album, "radioclub.lp," due later this year."                             - Houston Chronicle